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 1966 - 2019
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Who we are
Eastern Counties South Area is part of the British Caravanners Club, a special interest section of the Camping and Caravan Club (CCC).
Our area was formed in 1966 and covers Hertfordshire and Essex although the majority of our meets are held in Essex.

Both counties are quite rural despite their proximity to London.  Essex is a diverse county with a strong farming industry and with a number of rivers running through it, including the Thames Estuary, there is also a considerable shellfish industry. Because both counties are so close to London there are many historical houses and places of interest to visit.
At most of our weekend meets in the summer we have a small marquee to get together in the evenings or early and late season, where possible, we have a hall.  We have some longer meets a bit farther afield into Suffolk or Norfolk.
All members of the CCC are welcome to join us and we aim to be a family friendly group.
Bill Cook
Chairman ECS BCC
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